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**ATTENTION: THOSE USING SAFARI MAY EXPERIENCE SOME ISSUES. PLEASE USE ANOTHER BROWSER SUCH AS FIREFOX OR INTERNET EXPLORER TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION** NOTE: This system will not allow you to apply unless a position is posted. However you can sign up for job alerts where emails will notify you of current postings. To apply for a job, choose a position from the listing below. The application consists of multiple steps which will take you at least 30 - 60 minutes to complete. You can log back in with your username and password to finish your application for as long as the vacancy remains open. After your application is complete, you will receive a confirmation number. After your initial application, please remember your username and password because your information will be saved allowing you to apply to future postings without having to re-enter all of your information. INTERNAL CANDIDATES: You must initially sign up as an internal applicant or you will be unable to see internal postings. Please note that your District username and password will not work unless you choose to use them when creating your profile. To create your initial profile, click on "Internal" on the upper right corner of your screen and follow the instructions.
Job Listings
Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
(T-0033-2) ELL Teacher - Posting ID 41604/14/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0032-4) English Teacher - Middle School Level - Posting ID 41504/14/2014FMSFugett Middle SchoolApply
(T-0032-12) Science Teacher (iso CHEMISTRY) - High School Level - Post ID 41404/11/2014EHSEast High SchoolApply
(T-0036-4) Psychologist - Elementary School Level - Posting ID 41204/11/2014GAEGlen Acres ElementaryApply
(T-0033-5) General Music Teacher - Elementary School Level - Posting ID 41104/11/2014ELEM - All SchoolsDistrict LevelApply
(T-0038-1) Reading Specialists - Elementary School Level - Posting ID 41004/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0031-2) Elementary Classroom Teacher(s) - District Level - Post ID 40904/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0033-5) General Music Teacher - Middle School Level - Posting ID 40804/11/2014SMSStetson Middle SchoolApply
(T-0032-1) Art Teacher - District - Posting ID 40704/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0033-12) Spanish Teacher - District Level - Posting ID 40504/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0034-3) Special Education Teacher (iso Life Skills) - Middle School Level - Posting ID 40404/11/2014FMSFugett Middle SchoolApply
(T-0034-2/3) Special Education Teacher - District - Posting ID 40304/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0032-15) Technology Education Teacher - District Level - Posting ID 40204/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0032-12) Science (iso Biology Specialist) - District - Post ID 40104/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0032-12) Science (iso Biology) - Secondary - Post ID 40004/11/2014HHSHenderson High SchoolApply
(T-0038-1) Reading Specialists - High School Level - Posting ID 39904/11/2014HHSHenderson High SchoolApply
(T-0032-4) English Teacher - District Level - Posting ID 39804/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0032-4)/(T-0032-14) English/Video Production Teacher - High School Level - Posting ID 39704/11/2014EHSEast High SchoolApply
(T-0033) Health & Physical Education - Post ID 39604/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0032-13) Social Studies - District Level - Posting ID 39504/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(T-0032-9) Math Teacher - District Level - Posting ID 39404/11/2014Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
WCASD Daily Secretarial and Instructional Assistants - Support Staff Substitutes - Posting ID 24707/08/2013Not ApplicableDistrict LevelApply
(C-0080-1) Substitute Custodian - Posting ID 22205/22/2013Not ApplicableFacilities & Operations Dept.Apply